How to Widen Your Lens and become a Systemic Thinker and Communicator: in memory of Paul Byers

Interdependent Ecology © Kenneth Silvestri

“The universe is a significant single whole…the most important function of art and science is to awaken this feeling and keep it alive in those who are receptive to it.”

Albert Einstein


“…the multiple insults, the double binds and invasions that we all experience in life, the impact (to use an inappropriate physical work) whereby experience corrupts our epistemology, challenging the core of our existence, and thereby seducing us into a false cult of the ego — what I am suggesting is…

Key points

  • Our world is an ecological process that is more than the sum of its parts.
  • It may not make sense to go back to business as usual given lessons learned from the recent pandemic.
  • “Warm Data” is a relational process that encourages us to recognize our interdependency.
  • Through mutual dialogue…

“Healing is not a science but the intuitive art of wooing nature”

W.H. Auden

Anthropologists describe human interactions from what is called the “Participant Observer” mode. The late anthropologist, Gregory Bateson, who I studied with and admired, would have himself filmed as he filmed his field work. This would provide a context for anyone viewing his work. It included the observer and…

Illumination Curated Poetry

action is louder than words

“timeless window” by Kenneth Silvestri ©

“time” as a noun is defined as the indefinite continued progress of existence. E.g. time is a solace.

as a verb, when (something) should happen or be done. I e. solace with family is timed for tomorrow.

i am intrigued by how life can be…

Illumination Curated: Alternative Healing

The Gift of Homeopathy

photo by Kenneth Silvestri ©

“Homeopathy avoids anything that is even the slightest bit debilitating”

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

As part of a decision to live a life with a strong respect for communication, collaboration and seeing things systemically, it makes sense to consider a health maintenance perspective such as Homeopathy. Homeopathy emanates from nature and…

Illumination Poem

Nature’s sense making

Provincetown bay shoreline © Kenneth Silvestri

The inconsistency yet predictable bay shoreline on the outer cape was always an induction for me of an unfolding collage of memories and mixed thoughts of simultaneously vivid vignettes, a kind of holographic roulette wheel,

in synchrony with the moon’s on time tidal onsets that when it gracefully withdraws it…

Essence of the Ying Yang

“One ought every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words” — Goethe

“Talisman” Natasha Rabin ©

It is my feeling that paradoxes are the essence of the “yin-yang” of life. Our world can be…

Creating a life well-lived

“The Grateful Pumpkin Maze” photo by Kenneth Silvestri ©

“It takes a long time to become young”

Pablo Picasso

“Next time you’re found with your chin on the ground, there is a lot to be learned, so look around.”

Frank Sinatra (From the song “High Hopes”)

There are many barriers that keep us out of…

Kenneth Silvestri

Dr. Kenneth Silvestri, is a psychotherapist, poet, and author of A Wider Lens: How to See Your Life Differently; and legacy Poems.

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